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We are a powerful destination point on Planet Earth that contains a unique, sacred energy due to this particular area has been recognized for hundreds of years as sacred, healing ground.  I am Mandeep - the Steward and Priestess of this land and light point.  I have been creating a resonance of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, along with crystals and the Sacred Songs of Naad, particularly with my extraordinary Gong and 7 Sacred Metal Bowls collection, for 15 years now at Sage Hills - Your Self Elevation Station.

I am ready to broadcast these offerings globally and beyond through Live Stream recordings and Virtual Catalog of our Community Classes and Experiences.  You can join us anytime, anywhere, gather friends and family or simply join us as You Are. Everyone is welcome!   Every Being who dials in creates a stronger, stable, Elevation of Consciousness, contributing to the Awakening Tipping Point.  The Golden Era of Non Duality is prophesied to become reality and our work now is an intrinsic part of this Awakening!