Services 108

Vibrational Therapy

Utilizing the Himalayan Singing/Healing 7 Sacred Metal Bowls & The Sacred Gong



Akara Numerology

Mandeep practices the technology of Akara Numerology. Akara means: the Circle of Light, Circle of Infinity, that which contains everything.


Yogic Counseling

Yogic counseling offered by appointment with Mandeep



Spiritual Weddings and Other Ceremonies

Mandeep offers Spiritual Ceremonies to everyone in this community and beyond.


Space Clearing

Sat Nam. The technique I will be using today is based on the principals of Feng Shui, particularly used by Marie Diamond and Denise Lynn. I have discovered this gift I have to bring a space to life a few years ago.

I will use Brass Dowsing Rods which will be used to pin point specific areas to be cleared with the Copper Rod and Copper Energy Ring Placement.


6232 West Sage Hills Drive
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T: (435) 867-YOGA (9642)