Sage Hills Cedar City

Sage Hills 108 is available to lease for your exclusive private events. This highly charged energetic and naturally cleansed space is ideal for:


  • Corporate Team building and Seminars
  • Weddings  (Mandeep is a licensed Minister!)
  • Celebration of Life
  • Yoga & Meditation Workshops and Seminars
  • Workshops and Seminars involving any Healing Modality such as Art Therapy, Sound Therapy, Movement, Etc


Melanie Paulk Abderrahman aka Mandeep is your On Site Coordinator and Event Director for the Sage Hills 108 Studio located in the Heart of the Golden Circle in Southern Utah’s Cedar City. She can be available to assist in all aspects of putting on a successful, memorable event that provides the experience you are looking to project and achieve.  
Her fees are based on an hourly projection of $75 per hour.  Her professional Package Leasing Price can be arranged that would include her services, or not,  along with the details of leasing the Center.


Sage Hills108 is available for a Day Rate of $500. 1/2 Day rate of $250 is based on a 3 hour event.


There are 16 natural camping sites provided for Tent Camping as well. Mandeep encourages this natural setting stay as it provides the participants a very deep level of Immersion for your Course or Event offering. Assistance can be provided with setting up tents in advance for a nominal fee.  There are more options of staying on property which can be discussed in person or via telephone.  

On site stay may entail additional fees that are accounted for into your package deal and specifics. 

Catering is available through out sourcing and Mandeep has several vendors to suggest. 

Features include:

  • State of the Art – PA & Sound System
  • Flat screen TV with Wireless connection/Apple TV for Visual On Screen Presentations
  • Camera set up for recording of your event and presentation.   *additional fees apply.  
  • Large 2000 sq foot studio space with panoramic views of the Cedar Valley – wood floors, great acoustics, cozy for it’s size and very comfortable working space.  Chairs, blankets, pillows, yoga mats are provided.
  • Plenty of parking available on property
  • Bath house available downstairs – private to the Healing center
  • 2 toilets and a large private shower
  • Access to outside Deck for relaxation
  • Catering is available in the Dining Yurt and Camp Kitchen located on property.  Dining Yurt seats 30 comfortably. 
  • 21 acres of natural setting, high desert valley, surrounded by beautiful 10,000 foot mountains, and quiet serenity create a perfect Planet Earth experience. A naturally produced phenomenon of a 23 million year old Magnetite Fin is present on property with an unusual natural magnetic frequency.
  • There is also a 7 circuit labyrinth created from the magnetite crystalline ore for walking meditations and relaxation rituals.