Taita in shamanic garb

Shamanic Indigenous Healing Ceremonies with Taita Juanito Chindoy of the Inga Tribe

 August 11th, 12th, and 13th at Sage Hills

This summer, we are very honored to welcome Taita Juanito from Colombia to come and bless us with the indigenous healing rituals and the profound lineage of the Inga culture. The Ingas are a tribe from Putumayo, deep in the Amazon Jungle, who are known for their wisdom of herbs and plant remedies and the ways in which they live in harmony with the Earth. These ceremonies are night-long healing rituals where we receive a shamanic healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Whether you wish to heal a specific illness/condition or simply want to purify yourself so that you can be happier, these indigenous rituals are an experience of a lifetime.

Cost: $225 per night, or $650 for the weekend.

Besides the ceremony, this includes a simple nourishing breakfast after we close each morning, consultations with Taita before ceremony, and a teaching given by Taita the morning after the ceremony where he teaches about the culture and answers questions. We also have a world-renowned shamanic musician, Juan David Muñoz, with us all weekend to bless us with his incredible music. We will have a translator available all weekend. (Taita speaks Spanish and Inga).

Mariah Gannessa, a disciple of Taita Juanito who lives in California, will be organizing all logistics for these events.

To register, download, sign, and email her the registration form at pathofthehummingbird@gmail.com or go to beijaflorwellness.com