Yogi Bhajan taught about "Cold Depression" and how we would suffer from it in the Aquarian age.  It is caused by an overload of information, externally.  We are looking for things outside of ourselves to feel a rush, a high, some external satisfaction.  It is when we are disconnected from our Spirit and Inner Guidance. 

Yogi Bhajan called this "The Silence of the Soul."  We may not even seem depressed.  We over work, over stimulate, avoid feelings, keep busy.  We may use substances or gamble or overeat and spend.  We are overloading ourselves with stress and outside issues.  Bigger, faster, more.  We are not meant to handle that much stimulation at once.  Solution?  First we can start by slowing down and being in the moment. 

We can be aware of our breath, our Prana.  Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology that can restore our nervous and glandular system and it can release old stress patterns from our body.  Having a daily practice (Sadhna), no matter what the length, will benefit you greatly.  OUR HABITS DEFINE US!  Invest in yourself...start somewhere!  There is no better time than now! 

The videos in this section will help uplift and break through that "Cold Depression."