Mandeep can help you with event planning.

Spiritual Weddings and Other Ceremonies

Mandeep offers Spiritual Ceremonies to everyone in this community and beyond, House Blessings and Clearings, Blessing Way Ceremonies for Pregnant Mommas, New Baby Blessing,  Weddings (for everyone!) and Celebration of Life Ceremonies are some of the services that Mandeep offers.

She is a licensed Reverend through the Non-Denominational “American Fellowship Church”. She is able to legally perform Joyful Weddings, Renewal of Vows and Celebration of Life Ceremonies  here at the OM Ranch and Center.  She is also an accomplished Sound Healer and intuitively uses Feng Shui Energy Clearing for her space clearing and House Blessing services.  Even your animals can benefit from her services!

Symbolic Ceremonies are classic symbols of love
and a celebration of life.

In regards to Weddings – Mandeep can assist and guide you to create a beautiful, simple celebration to lay the foundation of your life together as a Married couple.  Please note that ALL are welcome to create and celebrate their ceremonies here at Sage Hills with Mandeep.

The Renewal of Vows is a perfect opportunity to celebrate and deepen your commitment and share with your loved ones just how much you truly do Love each other. A Celebration of the Lover and the Beloved.

In the teachings of yoga, Marriage is the highest yoga of all!  Where two Souls join as One. Mandeep can assist you to write your own vows, how the ceremony is organized, the legal aspect of getting your license, and more. Creating a Conscious Ceremony of Love is the goal of Mandeep and of course You. She can provide assistance with guidance on how to create a conscious life together, spiritually and energetically. She is the Director and Coordinator of the Sage Hills Center at the OM Ranch which is the perfect setting to hold your Spiritual Ceremony.   Whether it’s outdoors for the ceremony and then indoors for the reception, there are plenty of ways that can support your vision and dreams of your special day.

Memorial Services

The passing of a loved one is difficult.  Mandeep has compassion and a deep understanding that Death is a part of Life and shares the knowledge how to create a ceremony to celebrate the life of your Loved One, provide closure, grief support, and guidance to keep going in a positive manner. The Soul never dies. It simply changes forms, but is eternal just as the Clouds turn to Rain and the Rainbow emerges with the Sun.


Be sure to call Mandeep at (435) 867-9642 or use the contact form to schedule your appointment for a consultation regarding your event.